Head of Islamic Verdict Body (Mufti) In Egypt & Most Islamic Countries



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Sheikh “Muhammad Abduh”(1849-1905) the Head of Islamic verdict in Egypt & most Islamic countries in his time wrote on this matter saying

  1. Islam is Belief in GOD existence & oneness ; Islam cited logical clues to prove God existence & oneness (see the article ‘Proof to GOD existence”)
  2. Islam frees people from human control in name of religion ; Islam emphasized the importance of mindful thinking & raised human dignity & freed people from any control by any human in name of religion . There is no religious authority for anyone in Islam & no mediators between GOD & the humans & the religion is a direct relation between everyone & GOD . Islam also denounced the blind following of a religion or tenet just because it was followed by the fathers & ancestors regardless of its logic & persuasion. Islam calls for everyone to use his mind & thinking to assess the religion & belief .
  3. Islam emphasized the importance of work : stating that everyone will be rewarded by Allah for his good & bad . Islam also incites doing good on earth to all people & creatures & to develop & improve earth
  4. Islam rejects any compulsion in religion ; Islam clearly states this rule & that non muslims should not be compelled by any means to enter Islam & that religious freedom is guaranteed & calls for maintaining good & just relations with non muslims same as ,muslims
  5. Islam denounces & prohibits any racism & states that we are all human kind belonging to the humankind race
  6. Worshipping in Islam is made simple, praying is sayings to Allah while kneeling & bowing in respect & subject to Him . Fasting is temporary abstaining from food & drink so as to appreciate the graces given by Allah to us & sympathize with the poor . Haj is a reminder to the human of simplicity & equality , even if it is once in lifetime , where all muslims wear the same & act the same , no difference between poor & rich, strong & weak . Zakat & charity establishes social solidarity
  7. Islam calls on us to enjoin good & forbid the wrong see article (how to enjoin the good & forbid the wrong )