Head of Islamic Verdict Body (Mufti) In Egypt & Most Islamic Countries



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The Egyptian grand mufti Imam Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905) issued a verdict in yr 1904 on labor strikes & monopoly saying the following


  • If the industries are locked out or at strike , the ruler or government should interfere to resolve the problem so as to resume production for the sake of people & society interest ,also if the traders who have control on essential goods ( as basic foods or medicine) raise the goods prices or control its supply in an obscene manner, the ruler or government should also interfere to restrain the prices , thus the ruler has the right to interfere in private business matters if it may result in a harm or threat to the society
  • Also if laborers brace up together & decide to go on a strike in a way that result in obstructing life essentials or causinfg a wide damage to the society , then the ruler or government through its responsibility to maintain social good & interest should interfere in such incident. Thus , if it was found that the laborers are on the right side & they are under paid or work lengthy unfair hours or overburdened with unfair work load , then the ruler should enforce the business owner to adopt fair work practices by increasing labor wages or decreasing work hours or both. And if it was found that the business owner is on the right sight & the labor demands are unfair & using the strike pressure to make unjust gains , then the ruler is to order them to work , same as he orders those who unjustly overprice & raise essential goods prices to price these goods justly .this so as to prevent harm or damage to the people & society