Head of Islamic Verdict Body (Mufti) In Egypt & Most Islamic Countries



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Sheikh Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905) , Head of Islamic verdict body in Egypt & most Islamic countries in his time wrote about the need of a fair enlightened autocrat ruler for underdeveloped  countries & a gradual transition to freedom & democracy  saying

  1. It is unwise to give the people in an underdeveloped under educated nation a sudden large degree of political freedom & authority without them being ready & knowing how to practice these rights. This is similar to giving a juvenile the right to manage & control his wealth before being brought up & taught how to manage it . The sudden large degree of freedom could lead to a general state of chaos & anarchy & sectarian conflict which may lead to civil wars & dividing of the same nation or getting it occupied by other nations armies under the pretext of maintaining security & peace

2.  The underdeveloped countries as the case in our eastern countries temporarily & for sometime need a fair enlightened autocrat who can bring different sects together & sets rules of justice & equality & focuses on the good of the whole nation . During his tenor he sets a time plan whereby he develops education & culture & treats social problems &sets nation goals & principals & ruler ship principals   & allows gradual political freedom & practices . This starts by first forming municipal elections & councils , then few years later to be followed by broader city elected councils so as to be a platform & source for discussions & opinions , then several years later to be followed by parliamentary elections

3.Maybe these phases cannot be all accomplished during the lifetime of one person , but the important step is the first step & the plan setting . I estimate these transitional phases will last 15 years which is really a very small period in a nation life time

So, where is this fair enlightened autocrat in our countries who through rationality & knowledge & justice & good management can make in 15 years what the knowledge alone cannot not achieve in 15 centuries