Head of Islamic Verdict Body (Mufti) In Egypt & Most Islamic Countries



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  • Top most popular Egyptian & Arab Islamic Scholar Sheikh “Muhammad Mutawali Al-Sha’rawi”( Egypt 1911– 1998 ) was asked in 1988 (10 years after Egypt Israeli peace treaty & 7 years after President Sadat assassination ) by AlQabas Kuwaiti newspaper if he still backs this treaty & he replied “ Yes I still & I say it strongly & without hesitation Allah asked us to tend towards peace. We did not get into the case of Palestine on the basis of religion, but on basis of human thought so why ask to get out from it on the basis of religion , & we can only get out from it on the basis of human thought . Palestine case is not a religious case but only a political case & conflict . Tens of thousands of Egyptian victims fell & blood baths spilled & nothing worked . War must end & ALLAH instructed us to tend towards peace .
  • Also in the Sheikh interview with the famous journalist ‘Mahmoud Fawzi” several years later , he reiterated the same & added “ Yes, I have blessed peace with the Jews. What should  this war & blood baths & life  losses continue. Egypt is just drowning more & more since 1948, and Arabs & Palestenians are just watching , & the case is not moving one step forward, but on the contrary, every year things are deteriorating . Now many years later , the palestenians who slurred & insulted & accused Sadat for his peace treaty have huddled & strived to sign a similar one with Israel .
  • About the Sheikh opinion on the assassination of Sadat . he said that his assassins are idiots to feel happy or joyful , because Sadat had his good deeds as well as his sins . So God wanted to cleanse & forgive his past sins , thus made him die as a martyr,. Anwar Sadat did in his presidential days things no one else can. He managed to surprise the Israelis & Americans and Russians to declare war. Sadat uttered that the name of Allah in before all his speeches, he retrieved the occupied land , put a solution to war , tended to peace & saved many human lives as Allah ordered